Vision, mission, values


Our vision is to be the lean healthcare consultancy of choice for organizations that are committed to transforming the experience of care for patients and staff.

We will distinguish ourselves with superior talent, experience, and understanding of the philosophy, methodology and tools of the Toyota Management System and its application in healthcare. Our focus is organizations that have come to understand that their current state is unacceptable and which have recognized that changing their management system is central to achieving their future state.


Our mission is to transform healthcare leaders into lean executives who will transform their organizations, helping clinicians and staff members to pursue perfection in all of their organizational processes. 

We teach, train and coach leaders to become both “long view” and “front line” leaders and teachers. We teach our A3 Philosophy of accessible, appropriate and accountable care. We focus on the executive group as the starting point of all management transformations; and then progress to the entire workforce. We see respect for the healthcare worker and reducing the burden of their work as the key element in improving and sustaining change.

We concentrate on transferring the philosophy, technology, methods and tools of lean management so that each of our clients becomes fully capable of educating its entire workforce and developing the next generation of lean leaders. We actively participate in all transformation activities and see ourselves as partners with our clients.


Our values are integrity, respect, humility, teamwork, service and continuous improvement.

The Rona Consulting Group is guided by its values. The values are living foundational beliefs, which drive all behavior and become the yardsticks by which our day-to-day conduct is measured.

Our first value is integrity. The Rona Consulting Group conducts itself with the highest level of integrity, which is modeled by all of its team members. This principle starts with always doing things that are right from the patient’s perspective. While we see the client’s perspective as critically important, it is second to that of the patient. We cannot imagine ourselves conducting ourselves in any way that does not put patient safety and quality of care first. Linked to this is an unswerving commitment to openly discussing and requiring the unvarnished truth about the current state within our own organization and within that of our clients. This truth telling is the key to enabling improvement

Our second value is respect. In all that we do, we hold people in the highest regard. Wherever we are, we aspire to ensure at all times that we treat our clients’ patients and staffs, our clients and ourselves with the highest respect. In all of our interactions, we will strive to insure that we are good listeners, that we engage in constructive dialog, that we do not rush to judgment and that we assume good intention. We believe that frank, fair and friendly interactions show the highest respect for each other.

Our third value is humility. We understand that each team member is part of our organization because of the combination of talent, experience, and wisdom that they have accumulated in their lives. While we understand the importance of positive feedback, we believe that must come from others. We aspire to be leaders who model personal humility, preferring to give credit to others, infrequently using “I” or referring to oneself and one’s accomplishments and preferring, if at all, to modestly talk about personal achievements. 

Our fourth value is teamwork. We understand the different contributions that the members in our company bring to the processes of our consultancy, but we do not let this create a hierarchy of power. It is this hierarchy of power which inhibits freedom by all to work together in a fear-free environment and which then diminishes the product for the customer. We recognize the interdependency of all of our members and the importance of minimizing traditional power relationships. Teamwork with our clients is also an essential part of our product and teamwork with their organizations is imperative to the transformations that we support.

Our fifth value is service to the client. If service is flagging, then we are unable to achieve results. It is this priority which is essential in understanding the weaknesses of our current state and which drive priorities for improvement within our company.

Our final value is continuous improvement. We are never satisfied with our current state. We believe that things can and must improve all the time. We believe in teaching and learning and becoming excellent in every role. We invest significant resources in training and giving time to our clients and our people to improve processes.