Lean testimonials

It is not uncommon for care providers and those who work to support them to express fear that Lean will remove autonomy and hurt patient care. I have seen that fear dissolve when skeptics enlisted in Lean efforts experience how at its heart Lean is patient-focused and creates more room for individualized care. When the people doing the work collaborate to clear away the time- and resource-wasting activities which take them away from what patients really need, in the end it is easier for patients to get care and for providers to deliver it. The clinicians with the greatest misgivings can make the best team members in Lean events - their voices can keep everyone focused on the correct goals. More often than not, if their organization is committed to the Lean path, skeptics with an opportunity to pitch in become advocates for Lean and fully invested in continuous improvement on behalf of their patients.
- Area Director, Supply Chain

The great thing about lean is it compels you to follow through.
– Nurse Manager at a city public hospital and participant in OR 5S kaizen workshop

The power of lean, the secret of lean, is actually that it taps into our greatest resource as a hospital; it's our staff…it allows us to shine.
– Associate Chief Medical Officer at a city public hospital and participant in OR 5S kaizen workshop

Changing the workplace environment mandates changing culture and accountability.
– Chief Medical Officer at a city public hospital and sponsor of OR 5S kaizen workshop

Looking at what was accomplished over this past week, it really was truly transformational…it just demonstrates that there is a desire out there to improve the work environment so we can provide better care to patients.
– CEO at a city public hospital following report-out of OR 5S kaizen workshop

We made changes that can be sustained.
– Sponsor at a kaizen workshop report out

I feel a little bit like a convert.
– Participant of a kaizen workshop at report out

Change is something we are no longer afraid of.
– Fellow on kaizen workshop

I was surprised about how much we were able to accomplish; the physicians were on board!
– Participant at kaizen workshop report out

I feel proud. I feel excited about the steps we made.
– Practice manager after GI Radiology/Oncology workshop

Excitement. Exhaustion. Pride. We are interdependent. I am proud. We are people who get things done.
– Kaizen workshop participant during final hansei

We are chipping away at things that have been hurdles for years…
– Executive at kaizen workshop participant during final hansei

Taking control of your environment: wrestling it to the ground and building it back up.
– Executive at kaizen workshop participant during final hansei

I am not sure if it is possible, but it is possible to try!
– Kaizen workshop team member

Just wanted to share a positive note on our 5S. This morning two physicians came up to me and asked me what was different about the floor. Dr. A stated, "It feels bright all over, very clean, I really like it". Dr. B also in converstion this AM stated, "I like how there are no papers at the nurses station". Dr. A also noticed that our med carts were clean and pointed that out to me. She said she likes how she can come to the nurses’ station and the computer areas feel and look clean. GOOD JOB 5S TEAM!
– Workshop team member following a foundational 5S workshop

Today, the ED did their 5S report out. The room was packed with people waiting to hear how it went. The energy was fantastic. One major theme from the ED 5S team was the ED and Ancillary staff were the ones who got to decide what to change and how to make it work. They were really jazzed about being empowered to fix their own area and decided what stayed and where things went, etc. I am looking forward to this journey!
– Regional Director of Lean Development and Patient Experience at a large healthcare system