Study mission

Like students mastering a foreign language, transformation leaders new to lean healthcare need full-immersion experience in lean culture. The RCG study mission is designed to open your eyes, broaden your vision, and deepen your understanding of lean principles, systems, and tools—ultimately transforming attitudes about what is possible through continuous improvement.


  1. To learn and observe first hand the Toyota Production System and Toyota Management System.
  2. To find lean solutions to improve your own company during workshop sessions.
  3. To exchange the lean experiences among the tour members from different industries.

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We will see the tools and systems of lean in action. We visit companies that demonstrate excellence in the fundamentals such as 5S, visual management, problem solving, standardized work, quality at the source, safety, continuous flow and much more. It is a sign of their commitment to lean thinking that our host companies are willing to show us the best of what they have done. By sharing their best practices with others, these companies are motivated and challenged to rise to a higher level of performance.

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After a company tour, the group discusses and documents:

  1. Best practices that were observed and the principles behind them.
  2. The driving system(s) behind the best practice.
  3. How the system could be adapted in your healthcare organization to drive the same behavior.

 U.S. mission sheet