Executive education

The transforming organization reorganizes all work of healthcare into what are known Transformational leaders must be excellent teachers and coaches. In the beginning, the work of planning and facilitating value stream mapping and kaizen workshops falls to RCG consultants. The lean executive program prepares your organization’s executives to take over this critical transformational role. Certification as a lean executive requires the candidate to complete eleven classroom modules, pass a written exam, and conduct one value stream mapping workshop and three kaizen workshops (one as a team member, one as a team leader, and one as a workshop leader). Executives may maintain their certification by planning and facilitating at least two workshops per year. Each of the eleven classroom modules is instructionally designed for effective adult learning:

Transforming healthcare
In this overview, learn about the five strands of lean DNA: standard work to control activities, mistake-proofing to eliminate ambiguity in handoffs, flow to reduce pathways of variation in clinical processes, scientific method to solve problems, and the Socratic method to empower people.

Value stream mapping
Map your processes and analyze them to remove non-value-adding wastes—the first step towards improvement.

Lean management system
Focus on managing the follow-up after conducting kaizen workshops and touches upon the creation of model lines.

5S and visual control
Dramatically reduce the time it takes to detect and correct mistakes and defects through a highly systematic approach to cleaning up the workplace.

Standard work
Bring your organization under control and lay the foundation for continuous improvement by standardizing of every process.

Servant leadership
Lean organizations need leaders who know how to serve their people.

How to run a kaizen workshop
Learn how to plan, organization, and conduct a classic five-day kaizen workshop.

How to run a KPO
Learn how to support kaizen activity by establishing a KPO (kaizen promotion office) that can provide education, training, and technical support to kaizen workshop leaders.

Continuous flow
Learn how to apply the concepts of group technology to create continuous flow in healthcare service production “cells.”

Control quality at the source through by checking in-coming and outgoing quality and automating inspection whenever risk merits it.

Quick setup
Reduce procedure setup and room turnover times by preparing well in advance and executing as precisely as a Nascar pit stop crew.

Kanban and pull production
Reduce inventory by synchronizing the use and reordering of medicines and supplies with actual customer demand.