Rona Consulting Group (RCG) has created a unique and robust training and education program derived from the origins of The Toyota Production System. Tailored to healthcare, our services and products provide a cost-effective and proven alternative for leadership development and lean transformation. 

The comprehensive education, integrated training and on-site coaching we offer provide foundational instruction for leadership and develop a cohort of highly-trained lean practitioners. While we teach and train in the classroom using our own healthcare simulations, the majority of our training and coaching is done on-site at the gemba. During these interactions we ensure that our clients become well versed in both the philosophy and tools of lean. RCG also provides on-site coaching in value stream mapping and improvement workshops that spreads change and builds internal expertise. With a vision toward lasting change, we develop our clients into self-sufficient organizations — never dependent on external advisors — capable of completing the transformation journey we embarked upon with them. 

RCG offers two main approaches for engaging with our consultancy, both of which have been adopted successfully. The first-steps approach is designed for organizations seriously considering a different management approach and prefer to begin with a proof-of-concept of lean. The transformation approach is designed for organizations ready to proceed immediately with long-term change in mind. Additional stand-alone programs are available and are outlined below.


Our first-steps program allows organizations to test the transformation process with significant leadership participation. This program provides an introduction to our executive-level coaching on the cultural transformation of your management system and a proof-of-concept of lean in a healthcare setting, through:

  • Executive assessment.
  • Three days of RCG’s educational program.
  • An introduction to our executive-level coaching on the cultural transformation of your management system.
  • A single value stream mapping event with three subsequent kaizen workshops: a proof-of-concept of improvement events.


Our transformation program is a three-year intensive engagement. Unfolding through the five phases of lean transformation, the lean healthcare leader programs and transformation services create a new leadership core capable of establishing and deploying a vision of change. At the same time, our transformation program aims to develop a cadre of go-to managers, clinicians and support staff capable of leading through teaching, educating and mentoring every single individual in the organization. This program provides:

  • Development of an organization-wide lean strategy and vision for culture change that are rooted in the Toyota Production System.
  • An education and certification program for executives, administrative and clinical leaders, and lean specialists.
  • Building internal capability through coaching executives and leaders on becoming lean leaders, and building and training a kaizen promotion office (KPO) and developing systems for daily management.
  • A series of value stream mapping and subsequent kaizen workshops to deeply understand and address problems, introduce staff throughout the organization to the basics of lean and integrate the philosophy, tools and methods of lean improvement.

Other integrated and stand-alone products

The following may be offered as part of organizational transformation or as stand-alone efforts. Depending on the stage of an organization’s journey, RCG will recommend the best approach.

  1. 3P production–preparation–process.
  2. 5S + housewide 5S.
  3. Access kaizen.
  4. Executive coaching.
  5. Executive education.
  6. Hoshin kanri (strategy deployment).
  7. KPO development.
  8. Lean fundamentals.
  9. Lean leader development.
  10. PDCA3 (A3 problem solving).
  11. Quality + patient safety workshops.
  12. ROK (return on kaizen).
  13. Study mission.
  14. Value stream mapping and kaizen workshops.