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  • Why we do what we do

    I had been trying to ignore it, the nasty hacking cough and shortness of breath. I’d been diagnosed with asthmatic bronchitis during a visit to the ED while on a business trip four weeks earlier. The prescribed antibiotics and inhalers had worked at first, but now I was getting worse again, and fast. “You sound horrible,” my mother said. “Go to the doctor,” my friend the nurse said. Finally, my husband lovingly asked whether my head was located somewhere other than on my neck. “Quit pretending this is getting better,” he said.

  • 5S and patient satisfaction

    What could be worse than searching for something while others wait?

    We have all spent time looking for something at one time or another, but have you ever watched while someone else searched for something? As painful as it is for the one searching, it’s even worse for those watching—especially if they are not in a position to help. In healthcare, who is it that watches and waits while we search? Our patients and their families.