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  • Toyota recalls, leadership, and the long term

    Recently Toyota announced a recall of 3.37 million cars over airbag and emissions control issues. How and why would one of the finest quality global producers of automobiles need a recall, when they are a company committed to practicing mistake proofing and defect reduction?

  • The Eighth Waste

    Whether you are a lean leader, lean practitioner or a new student of lean, you’ve heard of the seven wastes in healthcare operations and administration. But are you aware of the eighth waste?

  • Standard work—BBQ Thanksgiving turkey

    As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, I thought it would be fun to demonstrate one of our key lean tools at home—BBQ’ing the Thanksgiving turkey. Yes, whether we’re in the gemba at work or at home, Standard Work is a prescribed, repeatable sequence of steps or actions that balances people’s work or dinner preparations to takt time.

    Standard work for BBQ’ing Thanksgiving turkey
    Date: November 14, 2013  

  • Using Pareto analysis to attack problems

    The Dodgers' Brian Wilson, A's Josh Reddick, and Red Sox's David Ross and Mike Napoli have heightened the popularity of beards and baseball this fall. Baseball’s postseason, with all its drama and tension, can be a hairy situation any year. But this October turned into the Follicle Classic. Teams like the Red Sox and A’s have brought their cities not only playoff buzz, but also playoff and World Series fuzz in the form of flowing beards.

  • Eiji Toyoda – A visionary leader

    Earlier in September, we learned of the death of one of Toyota’s visionary leaders, Eiji Toyoda. Today, we can use the term “lean leader” to describe this man, who was the Japanese equivalent of Henry Ford. In the 1950s, however, when Eiji Toyoda was creating new mass production methods and one of the pillars of the Toyota Way – Kaizen, or continuous improvement – the term “lean” had not yet been coined.