May 2017

Restoring joy to caregiving – reflections on National Nurses’ Week 2017

Reflecting on the theme of National Nurses’ Week 2017 – “Nursing: the Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit” – I think about the importance of restoring joy to caregiving. When we use lean methodologies to take the waste and inefficiency out of work, we improve in the three dimensions of the Triple Aim: population health, patient experience, and cost. For the last few years, recognition has grown that a key dimension may be missing from that model:[1] a focus on staff engagement and the well-being of providers as a necessary element to achieving the Triple Aim.

Importance of continued measurement

Have you ever held a kaizen workshop that resulted in significant improvement, only to find six months down the road that the process has reverted to the old ways and the improvement was no longer evident? Why does this happen?